About Cine Fiction

there is something sacred about the cinema, which is to do with it being public, to do with people going together, with the intention of visualizing, experiencing the same experience, having the same revelation’
Angela Carter

Celebrating the collective cinema experience, Cine Fiction is a crowd-sourced online exhibition of cinema-going in literary fiction.

With cinemas closed for much of 2020/21, we all missed the experience of watching a film on the big screen with an audience. So, this feels a poignant time to consider the role cinema has played in so many literary lives.

Cine Fiction, presented by CINECITY at the University of Brighton, explores how cinema-going has been expressed in literature and plans to feature over 100 texts spanning more than a century of literature and cinema up to the present day.

We invite you to nominate your own examples of literary cinema-going from across a wide range of genres, periods and places. For details on how to submit your chosen extract, please visit the Nominate a Book page.